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As culmination of Holy Week Trujillana, Easter Sunday, is undoubtedly celebrated, one of the most important festivals of this town, EL CHÍVIRI, declared of Regional Tourist Interest.

The Chíviri festival is a survival of the spring festival that dates back to ancient times and pagan gods, celebrated with the arrival of good weather and the natural cycle of renewal.

Trujillo dawns with a special color, that of the typical regional costumes, the music with the popular songs of the land, where their countrymen go out to celebrate a day of coexistence in the Plaza Mayor de Trujillo, sharing the wine boot, the tortilla, the massacre,… making all the visitors participate in this party.

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If you are a cheese lover, you can not miss: The International Trujillo Cheese Fair. It is celebrated the first week of May for more than 30 years in the Plaza Mayor de Trujillo. In it, you will be able to know the best cheeses in the world, among more than 300 varieties, among Extremadura, national and international cheeses. The vast majority of cheeses that are tasted are made by hand by their own cheese makers.

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Holy Week Trujillana has been declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in Extremadura for its historical-artistic legacy.

There are many national and international visitors who year after year enjoy and get excited with the processions through the old town of Trujillo, turning it into an authentic living museum of wood carvings of great value and beauty.

Highlight The Penitential Way of the Cross through the Medieval Village of Holy Monday and in the early hours of Holy Saturday the procession of Silence.

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