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Smart and sustainable apartments

We are facing one of the first sustainable tourist apartments in Extremadura. On the one hand, they are energy efficient, since they have air conditioning systems for air conditioning, LED lighting, pvc carpentry, low thermal emissivity glass and high quality thermal and acoustic insulation, looking for the highest energy savings and maximum comfort and well-being in the stay of our customers.

On the other hand, they are intelligent because they are managed by home automation and remote.

Tourist information

We have information on hospitality, quality restoration, supermarkets, gourmet stores or typical products, guided tours, museums, crafts, ..., with this, we provide a preview of the town and its surroundings, completing what can be obtained in the Tourist information points.

Each apartment has a guide made by us, proposing different itineraries to perform, depending on the days of stay in our city and surroundings.

Temporary exhibitions of painters and sculptors

The apartments exhibit sculptures and paintings by local Extremaduran artists.

These works can be acquired by guests. That way we bet on local art and culture.


The location of the apartments can not be more suitable, both for the Palace house in which they are located and for its central location in the City, being in one of the main streets and easily accessible. In addition, its location is excellent for being on the usual itineraries of the Processions of Holy Week Trujillana, Pasacalles and Carrozas in Reyes or the Encierros or Capeas in Carnivals.